Marketing to Funders

Hire us to amplify your marketing/communications program. Forward-thinking associations are restructuring to become more agile, and this sometimes leaves talent gaps that are unpredictable and hard to fill. We complement lean staffs by filling in as needed. Let us do it, so you stay agile, elastic, and ready to focus on the next opportunity!

  • Develop a marketing strategy that communicates the value of your audience, the reach you have, and your ability to put advertisers and sponsors in front of your community.
  • Create targeted communications (emails, blogs, social media, etc) to showcase your opportunities for advertisers and sponsors
    • Conference-specific emails to acquire exhibitors (both on-demand as well as automated)
    • Development of conference-specific newsletters with an eye toward gaining advertisers
    • Corporate sponsorship campaigns
    • Corporate partnership emails
  • Align existing content with advertising opportunities (e.g., sponsored white papers, blog advertising,and so forth)
  • Design new content to attract new advertisers and sponsors (sponsored quizzes, article compilations, etc.)
  • Launch lead generation campaigns to get a new audience for your suppliers

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