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Thrive—don’t just survive!

Leading national nonprofit associations know that the landscape is shifting and that revenue from dues (and the membership-dues model itself) is unlikely to sustain an association’s basic member value proposition and cover expected benefit expenses.

It’s important to clarify the obvious here—that non-dues revenue (NDR) is any money made by an association outside of dues. While there are no clear concise parameters (and excluding grants, fundraising, and other outside funds that larger groups are apt to secure), there are essentially two types of non-dues revenue. The revenue earned from vendors, advertisers, and suppliers interested in reaching your industry & community; and revenue earned from additional fees charged to members (e.g., meeting registrations, webinars, books, professional certifications, publications & reports, subscriptions, and branded merchandise).

But let’s be practical—how many small to mid-size associations, chapters, affiliates, and regional groups are hosting webinars, publishing books, having staff doing research, or running a professional certification program?

The answer is, not many.

Additional funding options for small to mid-size associations can be narrowed down to two choices: significantly raise membership dues and/or hope for a generous uptick in new members that is generally an elusive goal, or focus on building up a strong non-dues revenue program that concentrates on leveraging advertisers, marketers, and brands with a keen interest in reaching your membership.

Significantly increasing member dues is not an option.

The viable way small to mid-size associations can not just survive but thrive is to aggressively go after all non-dues revenue. ARS can show you how.


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