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Associations are endless hives of activity, with changes coming at an ever-faster pace. Here’s what our staff is buzzing about in the nonprofit world.

Image showing a plane, a map, and various other travel-related items7 Critical Differences Between U.S. and International Expos and Exhibitors

Whether you’re trying to expand your market to secure new international exhibitors for your show, or plan to go global and take your show outside the U.S., it helps to be aware of the significant challenges, pitfalls, and protocols involved. Different language, cultures, customs, etc are expected and obvious differences, but the following ones… Read more.

smart watch displaying a target set to #NDR
Nondues Revenue: Can It Save Your Org From the Membership Death Spiral?

The nonprofit world is at a crossroads—many organizations have strong, trustworthy images that attract their community to their content and conferences, but they also face the new reality that people don’t expect to pay to belong to communities or to… Read more…


Business partners walking toward each other
Sponsor and Partner Development

Smart associations have long known is that alternative non-dues revenue (NDR) solutions are needed to remain healthy and relevant regardless of their membership structure. Read more…


REBOOK: Keeps Exhibitors Coming Back

How do you conduct an exhibitor rebook process for a nonprofit conference or convention? The answer is simple: always use priority points to sell exhibit space for the following year’s show(s). Read more…


young boy and older man playing textGood Things Happen When Small Non-Profits Help Suppliers Reach Their Grassroots Members

As long-time members of the nonprofit association community, we have seen that there is dynamic that occurs among larger and smaller associations that is rarely talked about. Read more…


sharpened pencils
759 Tips on Selling Convention Sponsorships

. . .well, less 749. (For I am sure you are just as tired as me as hearing about the top 3, or 5, or 10 email headlines that all the kids advise you to lead with these days.) Read More