Step up to a new level and make new partnerships. Most small chapter, regional, or affiliate organizations subsist mainly on membership dues alone. With some updating of processes and focused leveraging of like-minded partners, we can grow your non-dues revenue by formalizing and expanding your programs. Our services expand your non-dues revenue opportunities and foster long-term industry relationships on your behalf.

Sales Solutions For

  • Exhibits, Sponsors  & Meetings Marketing and Sales
  • Advertising Sales
  • Partnership Development

Convention Sponsorship Services

  • Determine the most effective sponsor offerings to drive interest and guarantee returns
  • Design strategic, targeted sponsor marketing
  • Develop sponsorship options that are almost 100% profit
  • Draft a pricing structure to offset projected expenses (Cost/Benefit)
  • Diagram a smart-tiered sponsorship program and benefits development

Partner & Sponsor Development Services

  • Asset & Platform Development for Sponsors & Partner
  • Identify, Target, and Prospect Sponsors & Partners
  • Building a strong, engaged audience
  • Providing overall strategy and sales support:
    Sponsor Management and servicing

Chapter Revenue Generation Services

  • Services for Local Chapter, Regional or Affiliate Organization
  • National Associations Chapter Services


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Show & Floor Management
Sponsor & Partner
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