Identify, Target, and Prospect Sponsors & Partners

While developing assets to even make available for sponsorship is the first pivotal step, ARS can assist to make sure it’s more than an administrative exercise.

Our team collaborates one-on-one with potential suppliers and associations to help solve programmatic (or just practical) challenges associations face by offering sponsorships that create opportunities, meaning and good old revenue.

Building a stable program and securing partners and sponsors requires quite a different approach than selling advertising, or expo space and ARS’s team has the experience, skills, and talent to assist you in getting a partnership program started. Including:

  • Establishing guidelines for who to partner with, and how to partner, to protect your organization’s brand and credibility
  • Supplier Market Research
  • Target/Prospect-Multi-year Partners in your vertical/space
  • Competitor Leveraging
  • Shaping Value Perception
  • Negotiating From a Position of Strength



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