Conventions Sponsorships

Sponsors play a crucial role in the success of a convention. Sponsors bring valuable content, generate buzz, assist with funding, and elevate the overall production quality of the event. Their support often is a differentiator between a good show, and great show, and in creating a wow value for the participants.

Work with your community. Do you know who your best sponsors are or could be? Your best prospects for sponsorship will have goals that align with yours. An education nonprofit might work with a textbook publisher to highlight quality learning products via an exhibit hall, while a medical association might do better with monthly sponsored lunch-and-learns.

Reach back. Social media opens a valuable new tool for working with sponsors. Many associations share their message among their member community but forget to include their sponsors in their outreach strategy. Listen, share, and reach out to the sponsorship community. They won’t just “like” you for it, they’ll love you!

Say thank you. Cultivating a strong, sustainable relationship with sponsors must be much more than a one-directional exchange of funding. A truly valuable program must build in mutual support and understanding. We will help you assess where you can make small changes that will highlight your funders in big ways they will appreciate.

Size doesn’t matter. A successful sponsorship program has nothing to do with the size of the meeting. What matters most is the experience. And that’s what our team brings—experience—we have personally delivered more than 300 convention sponsorships.

From keynotes, receptions, and build-outs, to lanyards, bellybands and mobile apps—ARS has the experience and know-how on how to effectively develop, market, sell, and fulfill convention sponsorships. Including:

Hey – if some of this seems overwhelming to you for you don’t even have any sponsors – not to worry, we understand, and you are certainly not alone.

We can get you off the ground and the rest will follow.


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