Exhibit Rebook

Successfully re-booking exhibitors onsite can bring in 75% or more of a conference’s exhibit revenue in just a few days.

But the truth is that securing that revenue in a such a short time actually takes smart planning, targeted exhibitor marketing, and a detailed fulfillment plan. Few associations can devote a full-time staff member to this task, so we step in to fill the gap.

What We Do

We start by listening, because much of the key to success during the brief window when we’re onsite selling your next year’s exhibit space is understanding what you do, what your clients need, and how your event solves their problems.

Next, we work with you on your goals and strategy for the event, focusing on tailoring a floor plan that will maximize your revenue, give your exhibitors a powerful space in which to showcase their products and programs, and ensure a great experience for attendees who interact with the exhibit hall. We then develop the needed marketing collateral (prospectus, flyers, email messaging, post cards, website copy, social media messaging, and so forth).

Leading up to your event, we get to know your organization and learn everything we can about your current events and those past and prior–so that we can not only highlight what’s strong and trusted about your conference year after year but also point out opportunities that are unique to an event (e.g., a favorite speaker, location, anniversary year, and so forth). And as we begin to market the rebook concept to your exhibitors, we get to know them too. So once we get onsite, we have laid a strong foundation of trust with which to work with exhibitors and an efficient, powerful action plan that will work for you.

Integrated Exhibit Sales

Looking at the bigger picture, we tailor our work to your situation and can help additionally with short-term help launching and selling new association services and products, support for existing sales efforts, and assistance developing long-term strategic sales initiatives.

With a history that includes marketing, selling, organizing, and ultimately delivering on exhibits for more than 100 trade shows; ad sales and line-ups for more than 600 publications and more than 1,000 e-newsletters; and well over 300 sponsors and dozens of corporate and affinity partnerships, ARS has sales solutions for any revenue challenge your organization might face.

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