Revenue Coaching

Business Associates Sitting Around a Table

Tap into our years of experience in helping nonprofits find novel revenue sources and make the most of their traditional profit centers. ARS has solutions for any revenue challenge your organization might face, and we’ll teach you how to answer questions like the following.

  • What are your programs worth?
  • How can you launch a new program?
  • How do you revitalize existing programs?
  • Does your marketing position you to attract nondues revenue?

Through our coaching, you’ll learn the answers and develop the collateral you need to efficiently attract and retain revenue sources.

  • A high-level valuation of your programs and services, with an emphasis on finding new earning potential
  • Clear guidelines on what funders are looking for and which types of content, programs, and experiences will help them achieve their goals and want to invest in your org
  • Plans for bundling and packaging your ads, exhibits, sponsorships, and mixed media sales to maximize income
  • Learn how to navigate internal vs. external forces, especially how to work with board members with varying levels of familiarity with nonprofit organizations
  • Fulfillment is key to delivering value to sponsor and funders, and often is where programs fall apart. You need a structure that ensures timely fulfillment of deliverables and builds in accountability and reporting so that the funder/sponsor sees the ROI.
  • Balance mission-centric vs. revenue demands
  • Tiered packages allow you to offer opportunities to a range of sponsorships and ensure that best practices are being followed and that all sponsors have a fair way to see what’s offered.
  • Corporate partnerships have three elements: tangible Benefits, a partner platform, and intangible benefits. Discover what goes into each and learn to value them properly.

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