Association Revenue

A Non-Profit is a Tax Status – NOT a Business Model.

You Cannot Survive on Member Dues Alone – Non-Dues Revenue is Essential

ARS helps solve revenue growth challenges for our non-profit associations, whether it’s introducing new corporate partner program, overhauling exhibit & sponsor sales, identifying and valuing existing assets, or membership processes.

We focus on the issues contributing to an organization’s revenue stall, and design fresh approaches to increase existing revenue centers – and launch new ones.

For our primary areas of consulting, our systematic approach enables our team to resolve our client’s overall challenge.

We start with a comprehensive organizational review – which often includes:

  • Detailed business analysis, including revenue streams of current member base, supplier, sponsor, affiliates and competitors – as well as identifying potential new targeted markets.
  • Analysis of the prospecting, sales and marketing process for corporate partnership, sponsorship, exhibit & advertising programs
  • Meet with organizational stakeholders, existing members/sponsors/exhibitors, potential members/sponsors/exhibitors, etc., and pivotal internal staff, leadership, and board – as needed.

Our team then conducts an in-depth Industry Analysis, which includes:

  • A review of competing organizations, including targeted audience(s), business models and organizational process.
  • A comparison of categories, price points, and where possible, income, for dues, products, or sponsorships
  • A review of benefits comparisons and market position for other associations

ARS then reports-out and/or presents its findings, custom recommendations, designed to facilitate discussions to maximize your associations potential, including:

  • New scenarios for pricing or infrastructure based on empirical data and feedback
  • Specific implementation and marketing recommendations.
  • Next steps on executing new scenarios

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