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The first step is the hardest

There are over 2 million small associations, clubs and nonprofits in North America. But few have taken the important step you just have – congrats!

The step I’m talking about is taking action. Let me explain:

I have first-hand experience volunteering for small associations, clubs and non-profits. I know many passionate, dedicated people (like you) doing it – many are overworked and underpaid. Burned out. Forced to juggle too many routine administrative tasks better suited for robots.

What I found out was: being in your shoes isn’t easy. Most people in your shoes are too occupied and bogged down to take action to improve their organization’s legacy processes.

It takes zeal and commitment.

We, too, have infinite zeal and commitment. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of the dedicated and passionate individuals — like you! — behind impactful small associations, clubs and nonprofits. And we do that by providing them with the right resources and tools to fulfill their mission.

In that same spirit, we will be providing you with many free resources in the coming weeks to manage your organization. We see this as the beginning of a valuable relationship.

We’ll send you resources on key topics such as:

  • Volunteer engagement
  • Increasing your membership
  • Dealing with your board
  • Improving attendance for meetings and events
  • And many more

You don’t need to fight your organization’s uphill battle alone anymore. You have us by your side.

14,182+ organizations with 55,000 administrators and over 3 million members trust us everyday to help them follow their purpose…because of our commitment.

Thank you for joining that group and entrusting us to do the same for you.

Welcome to the 1% — those who take action and lead.

To your success,