y National Associations With Chapters

Strengthen Chapter Support 

Whether your chapter affiliates are formally under your umbrella or part of an informal alliance, resources are generally scare and limited on the local level.

Chapter and affiliate support on the local level can be uneven. Some states are stronger than others, some have an infrastructure and systems in place, others have leadership turnover annually, some staff are paid and others survive on volunteer involvement.  Some state chapters and affiliates don’t even exist, or lie dormant.

ARS understands that most of these challenges come down to lack of resources, and we are skilled at developing revenue building solutions on the grassroots level, that does not require additional investment from the national association. Partnering with ARS is a win-win for chapters and their national association.

Our team are experts in navigating the political and practical challenges that National Associations face while still being able to tailor services specifically designed for local chapters including:

FREE Local Revenue Audits
Blueprint Action Plan
Grassroots Supplier & Vendor Development
Scalable Supplier Guide & Directory Services
Secure Advertising
Regional Newsletter Development
Local Meeting/Conference Support

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