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How To Manage An Exhibitor Rebook

Maximize Priority Points How do you conduct an exhibitor rebook process for a nonprofit conference or convention? The answer is simple: always use priority points to sell exhibit space for the following year’s show(s). What Is an Exhibitor Rebook Process? Fundamentally, […]

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Sponsor and Partner Development

Smart associations have long known is that alternative non-dues revenue (NDR) solutions are needed to remain healthy and relevant regardless of their membership structure. It is no secret–at least not among leading national non-profit associations–that revenue from dues, and even the […]

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759 Tips on Selling Convention Sponsorships

. . .well, less 749. (For I am sure you are just as tired as me as hearing about the top 3, or 5, or 10 email headlines that all the kids advise you to lead with these days.) If […]